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Brand story

Abstract Aura - Where Abstraction Meets Soulful Expression.

Step into a world of artistry and creativity as we present to you our exclusive collections of abstract painting prints, designed by the gifted artist, Aisling M., who's on a mission to bridge the beauty of her Irish roots with the world's diverse tapestry of art.

Inspired by the captivating works of abstract art pioneers and the emotive brushwork of impressionism greats like Claude Monet, Aisling infuses her art with heartfelt emotions and boundless imagination.  The main 4 collections Summer, Gardens, Nature, and Festivals, are all inspired by the impressive scene in her journeys in life.

Each painting at Abstract Aura is a testament to Aisling's artistic journey, where she gracefully melds bold strokes with delicate nuances to create captivating compositions. With passion and dedication, Aisling pours her heart into every artwork, allowing everyone to immerse in your own interpretations and emotions as they admire her masterpieces.



As art enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the profound impact that art can have on one's soul and surroundings.  Abstract Aura, we meticulously produce museum-quality prints of Aisling's originals, ensuring that the essence of her art is preserved and celebrated in every home it graces.

Abstract Aura ensures meticulous craftsmanship and uses only the finest materials. Each piece is a testament to our commitment to quality, longevity, and the fulfilment of your artistic vision.


Let Abstract Aura become your trusted companion in the journey of home decor. Allow our artwork to serve as a catalyst for transformation within your living space, igniting a sense of wonder and inspiring your own creative pursuits. Whether you seek a bold centrepiece or a subtle accent, our collection offers a vast array of styles and themes to complement your unique taste and aesthetic.


Whether you are an experienced art collector or a passionate art lover, Abstract Aura beckons you to explore the beauty of abstraction and the depths of human expression. Embrace the vibrant energy of Aisling's art, and let it breathe life into your living spaces, sparking conversations and inspiring creativity.

Experience the enigmatic allure of abstract art with Abstract Aura - your gateway to a world where colours speak, emotions flow, and imagination knows no bounds. Elevate your home decor with sophistication, or embark on a journey of collecting art that resonates with your soul. Abstract Aura welcomes you to an artistic haven where imagination takes flight.

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