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Chic Tote x Abstract Aura - Paris Eiffel Tower

Chic Tote x Abstract Aura - Paris Eiffel Tower

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Painting Description and Inspirations
Eiffel Tower - Dreaming in Paris, Irish Design Tote Bag is a mesmerising artwork that draws inspiration from the enchanting nights in Eiffel Tower, the iconic tourist attraction in Paris. This painting captures the essence of the City of Light as it comes alive with vibrant autumnal hues. Much like the impressionist painters of old, this piece seeks to convey the magic and romance of the nights in Paris, with the Eiffel Tower aglow and the city's heart beating with artistry and adventure.

Chic Tote x Abstract Aura

Join us on a journey where the worlds of fashion and art converge. We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Chic Tote, renowned for its captivating tote bags featuring iconic European landscapes. This partnership merges Chic Tote's elegant designs with Abstract Aura's artistic prowess, resulting in a collection that harmoniously combines creativity and style. Explore this exclusive collection and immerse yourself in the beautiful fusion of two worlds: the world of fashion and the realm of art.


.: Crafted from premium linen fabric, preserving colors for lasting  brilliance
.: Reinforced with patented solid support for long-lasting durability
.: Utilizes innovative printing tech for a realistic oil painting appearance
.: Designed exclusively for indoor display, adding elegance to any space


 30" x 20"36" x 24"48″ x 32″
Width, in30.0036.0048.00
Height, in20.0024.0032.00
Depth, in1.251.251.25

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